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Marco Marini
Director Of Photography ( Italy )
From 2011 to 2018, I collaborated with Xentek television productions, contributing to numerous national services for Rai, Mediaset, Sky, La7, and participating in the production of documentaries and docufilms such as "Rai Storia - Viaggio della Bellezza” and “Generation of phenomena: 40 years of the Stadio.” During this period, my...
Stefano Stefanelli
Director Of Photography ( Italy )
Cinematic Visionary: Stefano is not just a cinematographer; he is a visionary artist with a keen eye for capturing the essence of stories through his lens. His cinematic mastery is evident in the breathtaking visuals and evocative storytelling that characterize his work. Stefano's unique style and artistic vision have set...
Adriatik Berdaku
Director Of Photography ( USA )
My exposure to my father's world ignited a lifelong passion for the cinematic arts. With a rich tapestry of more than two decades in international video production, I take immense pride in my role as a catalyst for amplifying the reach of the brands I've collaborated with, resulting in audiences...